Secret Church

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About Secret Church   The moral and spiritual lights are slowly going out in America and the West. Do you know why? America and the Church are staring into an Abyss of historic, even biblical, proportions. Are you ready? Everything you know about Church is about to change. Are you prepared to step up and become a leader in what God is doing? In this book, author, apologist and organic church advocate, Maurice Smith, explains what is happening, why and what each of us must do to prepare and respond. He explains: The “Eight Light Switches” that are pushing the Church and our Culture into the Abyss of God’s judgment. How history is repeating itself and challenging the Church to a “a disciplined faith.” The Kingdom of God is the hope of the Church. If you believe that our culture is collapsing around us, that judgment is coming and that “Church” as we have known it is in serious trouble, then this book is for you. If you’re frustrated with chasing “blood moons” and prophecies that the rapture will happen on the next “Feast of Whatever,” then this book is for you. If you have wondered what the Church is supposed to be doing – and how we’re supposed to be doing it – while we expectantly await Jesus’ soon return, then this book is for you.

“Secret Church is about the ‘organic’ growth of the Kingdom, not its ‘organized’ growth. Most of Culture-bound organized Christianity aims for the billboard along the freeway. Organic Christianity aims for the grass beneath the billboard. Over time, the billboard loses and the grass wins. The Kingdom of God is in the grass, not the billboard. If you don’t understand what I just said, then you aren’t ready to lead God’s Secret Church.” (From Secret Church, page 87).

From The “Introduction” To Secret Church

The world is changed.
I feel it in the water;
I feel it in the earth;
I smell it in the air;
Much that once was is lost,
For none now live who remember it.
“The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”

The world is indeed changing.
Church as you have known it is about to disappear.
Secret Church is coming.
An underground Church is coming.

If you don’t already understand this, you really are late to the party. The goal of this book is to bring you up to date on what is happening, and to invite you to join in.

Our culture – and everything which is a part of that culture – is collapsing around us. The “house” that Christianity built over a period of 1,700 years is in the last stages of being systematically demolished by forces which prefer darkness rather than light. And if this comes as a surprise to you, then I can only conclude that for you, “denial” is still a river in Egypt (O.K., I’ll wait for you. It’ll come to you in a minute or two). The question now facing every Christian believer and “disciple of the Kingdom” is whether to stay where you are and be a participant and a victim of that collapse, or whether to choose to be part of God’s next great move in Secret Church. The choice is yours. But, be warned. This choice is NOT going to go away. It will be increasingly forced upon you and every genuine believer in Jesus and the Kingdom. For you and your house, it’s time to choose. Others may put off the choice in the hope that perhaps I’m wrong and that better times lie ahead. But for you, it’s time to choose. And as the old knight in “Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade” warned, “Choose well.”

Everything you know is about to change. One morning, in the near future, you will wake up, turn on the morning news and discover that the world you once knew is gone. It has happened before throughout history. It happened to Christians on August 24, in A.D. 410, and it will soon happen to you. It will be like 9/11 all over again . . . only worse. 9/11 was the warning. This will be the main event. But will you understand what it all means? You will, if you read this book and embrace its message.

Are You Chasing Squirrels?

Writing books to predict “the coming collapse” or “the end of the world” has become a major industry in recent years. Why? Because we all “know” something is coming. We all know things are changing, and NOT for the better! And we all know that things cannot continue going the way they are without reaching a crisis. Even for those of us who have studied “cultural apologetics” over the years, the speed at which profound changes have recently occurred is absolutely breath-taking. And the speed seems to be accelerating!

Anyone with an internet connection can quickly find enough bad news to make an impressive list of actual or pending disasters. Likewise, a more positive-minded person could just as easily make an impressive list of good people doing wonderful things. As a result, all too often Christians find themselves chasing “squirrels”; chasing after the latest internet craze; the latest “harbinger” or “shemita” or “blood moon” or “the Feast of Whatever.” But God doesn’t govern the universe on the basis of “he who has the longest list wins.” Biblically speaking, He expects discernment among His people. The difference between the fool and the wise man is his (or her) ability to discern the times in which they live; to distinguish between chasing “squirrels” and recognizing the signs of the times; to distinguish between the kingdoms of this world and the Kingdom of God. Do you know the difference?

Clarity Concerning “The Big Picture”

I want us to be clear from the outset concerning the thesis of this book. Clarity concerning “the big picture” will prevent us from getting lost or distracted amidst the details of the discussion. Civilization as we have known and experienced it in the West (particularly North America and Europe) is staring into an Abyss of historic, even biblical, proportions. Not since the collapse of Rome in the 5th Century has the western world faced such an upheaval and its consequences. Failure to understand this reality and to appreciate what it means to each of us personally and to the Church as a corporate body will leave you unprepared to confront what is coming. The purpose of this book is to help you better understand why this is happening and what each of us must do by way of preparation and response.

Welcome to Secret Church.

Maurice Smith is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, an alumnus of Campus Crusade for Christ, International (now “Cru”) and an honors graduate of Denver Baptist Seminary. He is an accomplished author of several books on organic house church, theology, discipleship, and spiritual awakening. Maurice resides in Spokane, Washington with Gale,  his  wife of 36 years, who is an accomplished artist, illustrator and graphic designer. They have two adult children. Together they coordinate Rising River Media, a non-profit Christian media and publishing company.

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